Program Coordinator - Recreation Center

Under the supervision of the Membership Services Director, the responsibility of the Program Coordinator is to develop and oversee all aspects of a high-quality youth development program that serves the needs of our community and the SLYMCA constituency.  Additionally, the Program Coordinator will be responsible for the management of aquatic staff and programming at SLYMCA. All aspects of the youth development and aquatic programs will reinforce the four principles of Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility. 

The Program Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the highest safety standards in every aspect of the recreation center aquatic programs and pool management.  The ability to manage multiple tasks and work with all people is essential.  Good interpersonal skills and willingness to be a team player is important. The Program Coordinator will carry out his/her responsibilities in accordance with established operating policies and procedures of the YMCA, ACA, and county, state, and federal agencies.


These are the principle activities of the Program Coordinator and are not meant to be all inclusive. Other responsibilities, duties, and tasks can be assigned by the positions supervisor and/ or the CEO. It is the Program Coordinators responsibility that the following takes place:

  • Responsible for development and implementation of youth development activities and programming at SLYMCA Recreation Center.

  • Responsible for the safety of all recreation center aquatic participants.

  • Research and develop community-driven youth and aquatic programs that fit within the SLYOC mission, contribute income above their total expenses, and are coordinated with the pool and facility’s entire programmatic usage.

  • Hire, schedule, and ensure pool lifeguard shift coverage and aquatic program staffing in the pool for hours when the recreation building pool is open.

  • Train aquatic personnel at the SLYOC.

  • Certify staff in CPR, first aid, and water related certifications as needed.

  • Work a minimum of 40 hours a week.

  • Responsible for the safety of all aquatic participants as assigned.

  • Ensure safety and incident reports are completed and turned in immediately after occurrence to both the Membership Services Director and the Business Manager.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field

  • Prior experience working with youth

  • At least 1 year working as a certified lifeguard

  • Current certification in Basic Life Support, Basic First Aid, and Emergency Oxygen Administration from ASHI or American Red Cross

  • Current YMCA or Red Cross Lifeguard certification

  • (Preferred) YMCA Swim Lesson or American Red Cross WSI instructor certificates

  • (Preferred) YMCA Lifeguard Instructor and ASHI BLS/FA/O2 Instructor certification OR a willingness to obtain Instructor-level certification within 60 days of hire.

  • Copies of certifications must be on file and it will be the individuals’ responsibility to update before cards expires.


  • $12.50-$13.50 an hour (based on experience and other qualifications)

  • Free Individual Sherman Lake YMCA membership with current employment


Please submit resume to Jennifer Costie, Business Manager at by September 30, 2018.