Waterfront Lifeguard

General Function

Lifeguards are directly responsible for the program leadership, safety and well-being of campers, participants, and members under the supervision of the Waterfront Director, Overnight, Day and Leadership Development Directors. Lifeguards role model for all campers choices that will help all young children to become successful, confident and caring as they mature. There is no bad child…

Know How

All Lifeguard positions require:

1. Current certification in waterfront lifeguarding (Red Cross preferred).

2. Demonstration of ability to swim 550 – commitment to drilling rescue techniques and maintaining appropriate level of swimming ability to be capable of performing lifeguard duties.

3. Ability to scan the water every 10 seconds to determine that all swimmers are safe.

4. Ability to perform rescue of distressed swimmer.

5. Putting forth an honest effort, admitting mistakes. Your integrity is reflected in your honest choices.

6. Caring, compassionate and accountable to anyone that we serve. We strive to put the needs of others before our own. We strive to do what is best for the individual and the community.

7. Respect for all individuals that visit the Sherman Lake YMCA. We provide opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds to experience a safe learning environment where everyone is encouraged to grow.

8. Be an active contributing member of the community and take responsibility for all the roles you play as lifeguard, counselor, mentor, friend, and learner.

9. Age minimum of 18 years. A high school diploma and one year of college and/or camping experience preferred.

10. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with children and families.

Principal Activities

All lifeguard positions require each person to:

1. Be available to do whatever is needed to ensure the best possible week for all Sherman Lake YMCA campers, members and participants from Sunday at noon through Friday at 6:00 pm. Serve as co-counselor for Overnight Camp as assigned.

2. Live by and teach the Four Principles of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center: Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility.

3. Maintain the health and safety of campers, members, and participants. It is the #1 priority of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center at all times.

4. Attend Mandatory staff training which will be anywhere from 6-10 days in length.

5. Assist the campers, members, and participants as they increase their understanding of their natural and social environments.

6. Ensure that all applicable YMCA, ACA (American Camp Association), local, state, and federal regulations are fulfilled.

7. Recognize campers, members, and participants for their personal growth, exemplary behavior, and skill attainment.

8. Guide and direct campers, members, and participants toward their potential by creating a loving and supportive environment.

9. Actively participate in lifeguarding, waterfront activities, co-counselor for a cabin and assist in activities.

10. Responsible for maintenance of waterfront area including bathhouse, being sure the area is safe and clean at all times.

11. Be flexible and assist in any and all areas of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center as needed and directed.

12. Provide program leadership by being prepared at all times to teach a variety of camp activities.

Please note: Camp is often unpredictable. There will be times when you will be requested to help in addition to your principle activities.

Effect on End Results:

The effectiveness of all lifeguards is measured in part by:

1. The overall safety of the waterfront area and water activities.

2. The number of campers that are positively affected by your abilities to maintain safety at the water.

3. Children displaying an increase in their ability to positively communicate with their parents/family.

4. Campers have learned a new skill (achievement), made a new friend (relationships) and feel a sense of belonging.

5. The achievement of the goals and objectives of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center.

6. YMCA Campers, Members, and Participants having a happy, safe, and rewarding experience.

7. Each Staff member and Volunteer having a rewarding growth experience.

8. Positive formal and informal performance reviews.