Summer Camp Coordinator

General Function

Directly supervised by the Day Camp Director and the Overnight Camp Director, the Summer Program Coordinator positions assume responsibility for the entire summer camp operation, including the supervision and mentoring of assigned Staff, and the program planning and development. As needed, these positions will serve as co-counselors in the overnight camp program.

Know How

All Summer Program Specialist positions require:

1. Age minimum of 19-21 years, preferred (see below).

2. Bachelor’s Degree related to youth work, preferred.

3. Minimum of 2-3 seasons of leadership experience in camping.

4. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with children and families.

5. Certification in First Aid and in Infant, Child, and Adult CPR. (Additional lifesaving certification is preferred).

6. A driver’s license and a good driving record.

7. Ability to lift and carry 40 lbs of equipment.

8. Must be comfortable in leading off-site trips if required

9. Demonstrated skills and ability in youth work: staff development, training, and evaluation; communication, program planning, and administration; and recognizing and encouraging quality in others.

10.Demonstrated success and certifications as stated in the description.

Instructor Positions

Kindercamp Coordinator - a minimum 21 years of age and 3 seasons camping experience and established expertise teaching young children. Duties: schedule and coordinate all programming for Kindercampers, provide input and insight into staffing needs, supervise Kindercamp staff, support junior counselors and mentor their learning process as they assist with Kindercamp, support staff and campers with behavioral issues, mentor a portion of the day camp counselor team by providing feedback and written evaluations, be a role model of HCRR.

Day Camp Unit Coordinator -a minimum age of 19 years old and 2 seasons experience with expertise in serving as a camp counselor with demonstrated ability in relationship building and child development. Duties: Look for opportunities to make camp 'magic'. Coordinate skits and large group games, assist in supervising all of day camp. Mentor, supervise and evaluate part of the day camp counselor team. Support junior counselors and mentor their learning progress. Support staff with behavioral and programming issues, provide program support where needed. Be a role model. Be a parent greeter, make sure to watch for parents who seem to be a little nervous and introduce yourself, make sure they are comfortable, ask questions, help them feel camp as a warm and welcoming place. Watch for children who are not fitting in and support them, help them find a friend.

Day Camp Transportation Site Coordinators (Sherman Lake, Portage, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek) – A minimum age of 18 and 2 seasons experience, established expertise organizing a variety of activities, and excellent communication skills and organization. Duties: supervise the transportation site and be sure we are providing high quality before and after camp care. Be sure the bus is an active and fun activity, just like camp. Ensure that children are seated with those who are close to the same age and the same sex on the bus. Be sure that counselors are spread out throughout the bus and that a counselor is sitting with any child who may have had a bad day, or needs extra attention and support to succeed. Sign in and out campers with the parents. Provide excellent customer service by answering questions and building relationships. Collect payments, forms, medication and if you don't know the answer to a question, write it down and ensure the parent that they will receive a phone call with the answer after you get to camp - use your notebook - get the information to a director. Support staff and campers with behavioral issues. Supervise, mentor and train the staff at the local site. Do not show favorites in letting people arrive late or leave early. Report these things to a supervisor as soon as they happen and document, document. Arrive at the site at least 10 minutes early to open and be ready for the first parent to arrive.

Overnight Camp Village Coordinator– a minimum age of 20 years and 2 seasons experience and established expertise in serving as a camp counselor with demonstrated ability in relationship building, child development and mentorship. Duties: Mentor and supervise overnight staff ensuring the highest standards are being followed in youth development. Responsible for seeing that all campers are well cared for and follow proper lights out protocol. Prepare skits and campfire programming, screen counselor/camper led skits for HCRR appropriateness. Respond to any emergency at night and support staff and campers. Provide programming as assigned by the Overnight Camp Director. Prepare check-out packets for campers. Run camp store as needed. Support staff and campers with behavioral issues. Keep supervisors informed of any potential issues involving campers. Inform parents of issues which need to be addressed or if a child will return home with anything different than when they arrived at camp.

Principal Activities for all positions:

All Summer Program Specialist positions require each person to:

1. Live by and teach the Four Principles of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center: Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility.

2. Maintain that the health and safety of campers, members, and participants is the #1 priority of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center at all times.

3. Create, plan, schedule, implement, and evaluate all camp programs and special events.

4. Ensure that all applicable YMCA, ACA, local, state, and federal regulations are fulfilled.

5. Train, motivate, and evaluate staff.

6. Serve as a mentor to an established group of Summer Program Staff and Leaders throughout the summer.

7. Maintain the highest standard of safety and quality at all times.

8. Develop and maintain good public relations with parents and families of campers.

9. Be flexible and assist in any and all areas of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center as needed and directed.

10. Encourage and assist in developing new ideas for camp programs and activities.

11.Assume complete responsibility for the management of at least one major program area of camp.

12. Establish and maintain smooth logistics and master scheduling of camp, especially the transportation process of campers.

13.Develop and monitor all emergency systems that will ensure camper and participant safety at all times.

14.Keep and submit accurate records (financial, accident, maintenance repairs, etc.) in a timely fashion.

15.Drive camp vehicles in emergencies and as needed.

16. The hours for Coordinators are Sundays 11:00am – Fridays 7:00 pm, weekly, unless previously discussed with and recorded by a camp director.

Please note: Camp is often unpredictable. There will be times when you will be requested to help in addition to your principle activities.

Effect on End Results:

The effectiveness of Summer Program Specialists is measured in part by:

1. The achievement of the goals and objectives of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center.

2. YMCA Campers, Members, and Participants having a happy, safe, and rewarding experience.

3. Campers have learned a new skill (achievement), made a new friend (relationships) and feel a sense of belonging.

4. Each Staff member and Volunteer having a rewarding growth experience. 

5. Positive formal and informal performance reviews and program evaluations from supervisors, the staff you supervise, campers, and parents.