Assistant Day Camp Director

General Function

Directly supervised and under the direction of  the Day Camp Director, the Assistant Day Camp Director co-assumes responsibility for the summer day camp operation, including the supervision and mentoring of Summer Day Camp Staff and Leaders, and the program planning and development of Day Camp.  This position is in charge of Day Camp in the absence of the Day Camp Director. 

Know How

The Assistant Day Camp Director position requires:

  1. Preferably an age minimum of 21 years.

  2. Preferably a Bachelor’s Degree related to youth work.

  3. Preferably a minimum of 3 years of leadership experience in camping.

  4. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with children and families.

  5. Certification in First Aid and in Infant, Child, and Adult CPR.  (Additional lifesaving certification is preferred).

  6. A driver’s license and a good driving record.

  7. Demonstrated skills and ability in youth work: staff development, training, and evaluation; communication, program planning, and administration; and recognizing and encouraging quality in others. 

Principal Activities

The Summer Assistant Day Camp position is an important seasonal position that requires:

  1. The assistant director is to live by and teach the Four Principles of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center: Honesty, Caring, Respect, and Responsibility.

  2. Maintain the health and safety of campers, members, and participants. It’s the #1 priority of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center at all times.

  3. Ensure that all applicable YMCA, ACA, local, state, and federal regulations are fulfilled.

  4. Monitor all emergency systems that will ensure camper and participant safety at all times.

  5. Develop and maintain good public relations with parents and families of campers.

  6. Keep and submit accurate records (accident, maintenance repairs, etc.) in a timely fashion.

  7. Create, plan, schedule, implement, and evaluate day camp programs and special events.

  8. Maintain good logistics and master scheduling of day camp, including the transportation process of day campers.  Coordinate overall matrix for camp.

  9. Manage transportation sites.  Speak regularly with the transportation site director and the parents to assure that each site is running effectively.

  10. Be present at transportation sites, either at beginning or end of the day.  This responsibility will be shared between both the director and assistant director.

  11. Serve as a mentor to an established group of Summer Day Camp Program Staff and Leaders throughout the summer.

  12. Train, motivate, mentor, and evaluate selected staff. 

  13. Manage Golf Cart drivers.  Responsible for their training and follow up with them throughout the summer.

  14. Manage campers and selected staff during the transition from camp to family night.

  15. Assistant director is the liaison for any overnight camps.  Be sure that the staff and campers have what’s needed to be successful.

  16. Encourage and assist in developing new ideas for day camp programs and activities.

  17. Be sure activity sites are prepared for counselors prior to their arrival.  This responsibility will be shared between both the director and assistant director.

  18. Be flexible and assist in any area of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center as needed and directed

  19. Drive camp vehicles in emergencies and as needed and directed.

  20. Maintain the highest standard of safety and quality at all times.

Please note: Camp is often unpredictable.  There will be times when you will be requested to help in addition to your principle activities.

Effect on End Results

The effectiveness of the Assistant Day Camp Director is measured in part by: 

  1. The achievement of the goals and objectives of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center.

  2. YMCA Campers, Members, and Participants having a happy, safe, and rewarding experience.

  3. Each Staff member and Volunteer having a rewarding growth experience.

  4. Positive formal and informal performance reviews and program evaluations from supervisors, the staff you supervise, campers, and parents.