Transportation Director

General Function

The Program Transportation Manager is a liaison between program staff and the office. The major function is to efficiently maintain transportation camper information and ensure the children’s safety and parent satisfaction.

Principal Activities

• Tracking, recording, organizing and updating on a daily basis the camp’s transportation sites. The manager will be in attendance at the Flag Pole each morning and afternoon to answer any questions regarding transportation details.

• Giving accurate and helpful Camp information to parents either over the telephone or on site.

• Help the registrar maintain filing systems so that camper information is up-to-date and at ready access in an emergency or at the needs of the business manager, program director or nurse.

• Generally, provide assistance to office staff and program staff, i.e. camp tours, setting up details for Friday special activities, helping with ill children, etc.

• Learning the Camp Registration computer systems to access information and back-up the registrars.

• Keep confidential any information learned from access to office files or conversations regarding campers and employees.

• Serve as camp photographer to take pictures and post pictures to the camp’s computer access site for parent preview of pictures. Organize and be sure all campers have a picture taken during the week for both day and resident camp programs.

Transportation Duties

The transportation manager is responsible for keeping the children safe and on the appropriate bus. The computer tracks the scheduled site, but parents often pick-up children early or switch sites during the week. On parent’s night several children always return on the bus to their designated sites which means one needs to confirm that these children are on the right bus. Attention to detail is imperative. It will always be easier and appropriate to confirm when undecided.

Telephone and Receptionist Duties

This will also entail answering telephone questions and mailing out brochures as requested. The primary concern is to keep informed of the camp schedule and activities so that you can provide accurate information. Relay any questions and concerns to the program director immediately. Making the registration process as simple as possible for the parent and maintaining their assurance of a safe and organized environment is essential.

Program Assistance

Including the following: Provide liaison between office and summer staff, i.e, maintenance issues, supplies, etc., supervise leaders’ activities, track missing lunches for campers and delegate preparation to leaders, follow-up on absentee campers, call campership children one week prior to camp as a reminder, distribute and collect walki-talkis each day, copy materials for summer staff including schedules and notes to campers.

Misc. Office Duties, etc.

Back-up the office and program staff with tours, filing, etc.