Waterfront Coordinator

General Function

The Waterfront Coordinator works under the supervision of the Waterfront Director and in consultation with the Director of Camping, Education and Retreat Services to create and coordinate all aspects of a high-quality aquatic atmosphere that serves the needs of our campers. All program activities will reinforce the four principles of Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility. The highest standards of safety will be evident in every aspect of the waterfront program. The ability to manage multiple tasks and work with all members of the staff is essential. Good interpersonal skills and a willingness to be a team player is important. The Waterfront Coordinator will carry out his/her responsibilities in accordance with established operating policies and procedures of the YMCA, ACA and county, state and federal agencies.

Know How

1. This position is concerned primarily with the delivery of waterfront program services to the YMCA Camp constituency.

2. You must have current certifications in community First Aid, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Lifeguard and Waterfront Certifications. Copies of your certifications are required to be on file before you can officially guard! If hired it will be your responsibility to update before card expires.

3. The minimum age is 20.

Principal Activities

It is the Assistant Waterfront Coordinator’s responsibility that the following takes place:

1. Maintain a safe, clean waterfront.

2. Follow established safety guidelines set forth by State Licensing and ACA guidelines.

3. Assist the Waterfront Director in supervising lifeguards and participating in safety drills.

4. Other activities as assigned, including evening coverage for resident camp.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Opening the waterfront for swimming or boating must be done by the Waterfront Director or the Waterfront Coordinator. Water activities may not take place unless one of these individuals is present.

2. The Waterfront Coordinator will be on duty beginning on Sundays at noon until Friday at 7pm. Other times may be scheduled when required to cover retreat groups. Break times will be determined in conjunction with the Waterfront Director.

3. Coordinate swim tests for all campers in conjunction with Waterfront Director.

4. Responsible for the safety and whereabouts of all waterfront participants including swimming, sailing, fishing, canoeing, stand-up paddle boards, playaks, and any other waterfront activity.

5. While fraternization with the counseling staff while guarding is not allowed, feel free to occasionally interact with campers and counselors while keeping your eyes on the waterfront. Remember that the lifeguard and counseling staff will be looking to you to set the example and tone for the day, week, and summer. Besides making sure everyone who enters our waterfront is safe, you should also make sure that everyone who enters our waterfront is having a great time.

6. Lifeguards should be dressed appropriately and in a manner that reflects the Four Principles (women will wear one-piece suits and men wear boxer-type suits). All lifeguards will wear a whistle and lifeguard shirt and be holding a rescue tube with strap over shoulder at all times. The whistle and lifeguard shirt will be provided by the SLYMCA. Lifeguards must wear appropriate protective gear, ie sunglasses or hat and sunscreen.

7. The Waterfront Coordinator should daily make sure all safety equipment is in working order and that all first aid kits are adequately stocked. If equipment or supplies are needed, please ask the Waterfront Director.

8. Please allow at least 30 minutes after the last swim period of the day to take care of any clean-up and to put away any equipment. The sand should be clean and free of any sharp or dangerous objects, holes should be filled in. All toys must be put away and secured.

9. It is the responsibility of the Waterfront Coordinator to make sure that lifeguards have a daily cleaning list for the waterfront area and that they are held responsible for their duties. This cleaning will include inspection of the bathhouse for lost and found articles and sweeping. Transporting of lost and found articles to the flagpole, or to Kellogg Hall for Overnight Camp articles is the responsibility of the lifeguards. The cleaning must also include the amphitheater, pavilion, boat houses, boats and shoreline.

10. Please remember that Customer Satisfaction and safety are our major goals! Please inform the Director of Camping Services immediately of any questions, comments, or concerns presented by our campers that you can’t handle so we may handle them in an expedient manner.

11. If at any time you see an area of our Sherman Lake YMCA Center that may need to be cleaned or tidied up, please take the responsibility to do it on your own. We are all owners of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center, and should show pride. With this remember that it is your responsibility to keep the waterfront clean. The best way to do this is to have campers and counselors be responsible for their mess. Having an after lunch pick up of trash before they can get in the water and having the last group pick up toys and trash helps you and your staff and gives the campers responsibility.

12. As the Waterfront Coordinator, and in conjunction with the Waterfront Director, please remember that YOU are in charge of everything that is occurring on the waterfront. Neither waterfront may be opened unless the Waterfront Director, or Waterfront Coordinator is present. Please wear a radio at all times and if possible also have a radio to the person who is on the boat. Please make sure that every group that comes to the waterfront and is in the water in some form (swimming, canoes, playaks, sailing, sup's) is on a buddy board. This is a state licensing requirement and must be strictly adhered to. We may have new counselors throughout the summer and it is your responsibility to make sure they understand our rules and procedures. Never assume that they have been informed already.

13. Buddy Checks must be done a minimum of every 10 minutes. If you can establish an organized method for this the first week, you will have a much easier time later in the summer when camper numbers are high. Please enforce a strictly quiet atmosphere over the entire beach when buddy checks are occurring so that they may go as quickly as possible. A failed buddy check results in the immediate engagement of the Emergency Reaction Plan.

14. Please always remember and exhibit the Four Principles of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center: HONESTY, CARING, RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY.

15. There is no swimming or boating at the waterfront unless the Waterfront Director or Waterfront Coordinator has opened the waterfront area. The position of Waterfront Coordinator can be a bit confusing at times. You will have numerous directors who all have expectations of you and at the same time you will have responsibility over the lifeguards, but also the campers and counselors while they are in the waterfront area. The directors and supervisors are there to be a resource to you. Never feel intimidated by them or their expectations of you and if you ever have any questions feel free to ask any of them.

Effect on End Results:

This position has a significant impact on the effectiveness with which the YMCA accomplishes its goals and objectives in service to the community. The incumbent has an impact on the community’s understanding of the YMCA movement.

1. 100% camper satisfaction and safety record.

2. Sound administration of the SLYOC program function evident in purposeful and coordinated programs, good public relations and understanding, and good records.

3. High morale of the employed staff and effective involvement with campers.

4. Measurable improvement in the social characteristics of the participants.