Every Child. Every Time.

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Ages 6 months to 2 years

Classes for the parent and child to encourage safe water exploration and play.

Be sure to start exploring the water early to alleviate any fears of the parent or child when it comes to water play.

This is known as Stages A and B in YMCA Swim Lessons.


Swimming Basics: Ages 3-13

An introduction to learning skills for confidence, safety and survival in and around the water. Swimmers will learn basic strokes and techniques.

Safety around the water topics are discuss in each lesson to raise child awareness around the water!

This avenue is for stages 1-3 per YMCA Swim Lessons.


Stroke Work: Ages 3-13

Water safety is reinforced through treading water and the introduction of various more complex strokes.

This option is for swimmers who are already at a stage 4-6 per YMCA Swim Lessons.