To Our Friends at Sherman Lake YMCA,

As you all know, our lives turned upside down on Thanksgiving night when we lost our home to a massive fire. Thankfully our family was safe, which is what is most important.


While the experience of our house fire will always remain with us, we are consoled by the fact of our Y Communities’ countless acts of kindness and outreach.  It is heartwarming to see all the goodness that is still left in the world.  The compassion and generosity that was shown to us started while the fire was still burning and this kindness continues to this day.  Who knew a gift of a toothbrush would make you cry?   These are the memories that will last for years and we are thankful to you all.

We certainly have a long road ahead, but it is so comforting to know that we are not alone.  We are forever grateful for everything our Y family has done for us.

I suppose many of you are wondering what is next for us.  As we are now learning, recovering from a fire is not the easiest task particularly when it comes to navigating the insurance process.  As of today, we are still working with our insurance company for a settlement.  In a loss like ours, it takes a lot of time to itemize all the losses, agree on damage, verify contents loss, provide estimates of values, etc.  Unfortunately, we have been told we cannot even clean up and remove the damage until the insurance process has been fully settled.  With that being said, when that settlement happens, our plans are to get to work as quickly as possible to rebuild.

What makes a house a home is the people inside.  And next year, when we return to Stoney Creek Drive, we will come back to our home with not only our family, but also the spirit of all of you who have helped us through this challenging time. We will never forget the incredible support you have all given us.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all of your gifts of donations, time, thoughts, prayers and well wishes. 

Thank you Y family,

The Rogers Family
Suzanne, Steve, Ryne and Brett