Overnight camp is the pinnacle of the summer experience.  Something magical happens when a child is able to stay at an overnight camp.  Campers will choose between a variety of programs and will build relationships with other campers from around the area and the world.  Register today for an experience that will build memories for a lifetime.

Choose one of the four camps below to begin your adventure.





Scholarship Assistance Available




Traditional Overnight Camp


For the camper who wants to try it all, Classic Overnight Camp (our most popular option!) offers the widest array of activities and experiences. Camps run from Sunday afternoon until Friday evening.

After raising the flag and eating a hearty breakfast, every morning begins with WOW time – Words of Wisdom to start your day off in the right direction.  Each action-packed day is filled with activities like rock climbing, fire building, archery, canoeing, kayaking, swimming at the waterfront, capture the pig, orienteering arts & crafts, and GaGa – depending on your child's interests. 

All-camp games, campfires, a weekly closing ceremony, night hikes, and more await campers in the evenings.  All of our activities are counselor-led, and designed to give every child the opportunity to be successful and learn new skills.  

Not sure if your younger camper is ready for a full week?  Try our "Taste of Camp" -a half week overnight experience!




Overnight Horse Camp


Horses hold a special place in many of our campers hearts.  If you have a camper that has a love of horses, Horse Camp is for them.  Whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced, we have something to offer them.  

Campers can expect to spend half their day working and caring for their own horse while at camp.  They will learn what it really means to have a horse of their own



Robotics Camps


Does your child have a special interest in Robotics?  Our specialty camps are like none other.  Campers can expect to really focus on that Robotics for half of their day.  We have two levels of Robotics camp.  Whether your are experienced in robotics or this is your first time, we have a spot for you.

Level 1 campers will build a robot and learn computer programming to control it.  Each day includes lessons using curriculum from Carnegie Mellon and challenging activities using competition tables to practice construction and programming skills, utilizing Lego EV3 robotics kits.

Level 2 campers will build on the skills learned in Robotics 1 to continue their robot  building skills and advance their computer programming skills.  Partnering with Fun Learning Company whose staff will provide. lessons using curriculum from Carnegie Mellon and challenging activities using competition tables to practice construction and programming skills, utilizing Lego EV3 robotics kits.  A surprise underwater robot experience is also planned.




Gilmore Piano Camp


Immerse yourself in music at The Gilmore’s overnight camp for pianists of all experience levels. Enjoy a balance of rigorous study, hands-on music activities, and the outdoors. Overnight piano campers will start their day with performances and stories at the morning prelude. They will have a piano lesson, a practice hour, and up to two electives each day. Elective selections include Composition, Recording Arts, Jazz & Improvisation, Technique & Artistry, Piano Ensemble, and Waterfront/Camper’s Choice. Evenings feature recitals and camp time. Students prepare for two recitals, the Thursday Night Throw-down, and the Friday Recital at 2:00PM–a final celebratory recital hosted by campers for their peers, friends, and family.

An audition is required for all piano campers.  Gilmore Scholarship auditions will be scheduled in December 2016. Non-scholarship auditions will occur between March and June 2017.  To schedule an audition, call 269-342-1166 or visit http://www.thegilmore.org for more information. Video submissions are also welcome.  Enrollment is limited to 36 campers.





LARP Campers!

Do you LARP (Live Action Role Play)?  Historically we have offered LARP as a specialty camp, but it was so popular, we had to start offering it EVERY WEEK.  So if you can't wait to LARP, register for any week of traditional overnight camp, and prepare for battle! 

Camp Scholarships

It is our belief that no child shall be turned away due to an inability to pay.  Each year, we raise funds to help parents send their kids to camp.  If the camp fees are just not possible for you right now, we urge you to apply for a camp scholarship.  Please feel free to call in to our camp office or download a Scholarship Application here.

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