Junior Counselor

General Function

Junior Counselors are responsible for attending to both day and overnight camps in their various needs throughout the summer under the supervision of the Day Camp Director and Overnight Camp Director.

Know How

Position requires:

1. Age minimum of 16 years old, preference given to those who have completed the Sherman Lake YMCA CIT program and hold a current drivers license.

2. Demonstrated ability to work well with children and counselors

3. Responsibility to drive the golf cart and follow through on the various needs of the different camps, counselors and campers.

4. Ability to lift and carry 40 lbs – move water jugs and distribute water and lunches.

Principal Activities

All positions require each person to:

1.) Live by and role model the Four Principles of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center: Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility.

2.) Hours will be Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. Junior Counselors must leave camp property after their work shift is done for the day.

3.) Assist the camping staff and counselors by continually checking on groups, delivering water to all sites, be sure water jugs are full, collect water jugs and bring to kitchen and clean at the end of each day. Delivering campers who arrive late or who need to leave early to the Visitors Center or their groups. Monitoring the camp radio at all times. Running errands when needed and being aware of everyday needs.

4.) Junior Counselors may be assigned to work with Kindercampers under the direction of the Kindercamp Coordinator. Junior Counselors may also be assigned to assist as an extra member of a day camp group.

5.) Maintain that the health and safety of campers, members and participants is the #1 priority of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center at all times

6.) Assist the campers, members, and participants as they increase their understanding of their natural and social environments.

7.) Ensure that all applicable YMCA, ACA, local, state, and federal regulations are fulfilled.

8.) Recognize campers, members, and participants for their personal growth, exemplary behavior, and skill attainment.

9.) Guide and direct campers, members, and participants toward their potential by creating a loving and supportive environment.

10.) Be flexible and assist in any and all areas of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center as needed and directed.

Please note: Camp is often unpredictable. There will be times when you will be requested to help in addition to your principle activities.

Effect on End Result

The effectiveness of all Junior Counselors is measured in part by:

1. The achievement of goals and objectives of the Sherman Lake YMCA Outdoor Center.

2. Campers have learned a new skill (achievement), made a new friend (relationships) and feel a sense of belonging.

3. YMCA Campers, Members, and Participants having a happy, safe, and rewarding experience.

4. Each Staff member and Volunteer having a rewarding growth experience.

5. Positive formal and informal performance reviews.

Typical Day

1. Arrive at 8:30 am, pick up golf cart keys from Camp Administrative Assistant

2. Report to Assistant Day Camp Director at flagpole

3. Pick up water jugs, sanitize, fill and return to stations

4. Check water throughout day - do not wait until they are empty to fill

5. At end of last Day Camp activity period, report to the waterfront to pick up lost and found, look around the area thoroughly and bring all lost and found to the flagpole area

6. If nothing to do, find Assistant Day Camp Director or Day Camp Director for list of assignments

7. Please ask Assistant Day Camp Director or Day Camp Director before doing any task not assigned by them.

8. At end of day, return golf cart keys to Camp Administrative Assistants desk and depart the property by 4:30pm. You are not allowed to remain on camp after 4:30pm unless directed to do so by one of the camp directors.

Driving Expectations

1. Golf cart speed-pedal should never be all the way down to the floor. (Note: you may lose your driving privileges for driving too fast or being reckless.

2. Never leave your golf cart key in the golf cart and leave it unattended with key in it.

3. You may never let anyone ride in the bucket on the back of a golf cart. Anyone riding in the golf cart must be seated in a proper seat.

4. You are the only person to ever be driving or riding in golf cart.

5. No counselors may ride in or borrow your cart with a directors permission.