Sherman Lake YMCA

Grade Level Curriculum

  • Integrating Character Development (Elementary School)

  • Character Development and Transition Leadership Skills (Middle School)

  • Integrating Character Development with Leadership (High School)

  • Character Education Internships (College)

A comprehensive program may be developed in partnership with the school to provide different grade appropriate experiences. Students will learn about honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility in an asset-rich environment. Students will learn how to apply these cornerstone values to life situations.

Desired outcomes include students having more self-awareness, compassion towards others, problem solving skills, relationship growth between fellow students and staff, showing more responsibility, increased sense of community teambuilding, enhanced group dynamics and improved student attitude, behavior and involvement. Experiential learning activities will promote managing feelings and self-talk, improved critical thinking skills, decision-making, handling stress, communications, conflict resolution, nature and arts appreciation, and citizenship. The experience may culminate with the training of high school students to help provide the leadership for the elementary and middle school programs. Groups of all ages may have the opportunity to participate in this progressive program.

The most recent development of this program has been a new and innovative partnership with Olivet College. Olivet College has recognized the value of the teacher training aspect of the Integrated Education program to the extent that they have restructured the student teaching intern program to allow half of the intern experience to occur as an intern at the Sherman Lake YMCA Integrated Education program. The student intern teachers gain valuable experiential training in the soft skills needed to be an effective teacher. These opportunities are not always available in the traditional student teacher training. Student teachers are excited about the possibility of practicing classroom management and student relationship building skills before they step into their own classroom for the very first time; self admittedly their most major concern. The student teacher interns provide the role modeling in the activity areas and cabins while the students stay at camp. Student teacher interns also prepare lesson plans that integrate character education best practices within the subject matter, a valuable skill as they venture into their first classroom experience. This is the first incidence of this type of training that we are aware of in the United States.

For more Information: Please call 269-731-3030 or email Heather Allbee at heathera@ymcasl.org!


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