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Strength for Life with Patrick Smith

Any well-built structure begins with a solid foundation.  Most pain, injuries and dysfunction associated with the human musculoskeletal structure are products of a three-dimensionally weak, imbalances, and unstable foundation.  These structural foundation issues are prevalent with sedentary lifestyles, work/sports environments, one-dimensional/dysfunctional exercise, and aging.

The metabolic health of the general population - young and old - is in dire need of change.  Our sedentary/automated society and 24/7 availability of high energy and low nutrient food is taking its toll on human health at the cellular and structural level. 

Two primary benefits of a three dimensionally balanced and strong structural foundation, as well as enhanced metabolic health, are improved body composition (more muscle - less body fat) and improve strength-to-mass ratio (everything in life is physically easier).

If you are interested in learning more about the Strength of Life Foundation Training System and what it can do for you, pelease attend one of the free informational classes in the Markham Learning Room or you may pick up additional literature from the Strength for Life training studio upstairs next to the child watch area in the Recreation Center.

 Free Informational Classes:    Call for updated schedule - 269-731-3032

Strength for Life uses a small group training format which makes it much more afforabale than private one-on-one training. The groups have a 4-person maximum and the schedule is very flexible with 30 different training times available per week.

If you have additional questions regarding participation in this training program, visit http://www.sflfts.com/ or call  269.491.9972. You can also email Patrick at patricksmithtca@yahoo.com

To sign up for the informational classes and more detailed information call 269-731-3032 or visit the Recreation Center.


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