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Pioneering Healthier Communities

Mission/Vision of the Pioneering Healthier Communities Team of Galesburg, Augusta and Gull Lake:

Our mission is to enhance the health and well-being of the Galesburg, Augusta and Gull Lake Communities through policy and environmental changes that build on existing community assets with a strong focus on youth and families.

Our vision is to create a community where all residents are given equal opportunity for healthy and active living; and as a result of our work, our community is the healthiest place to raise a child in Michigan.

For more information, please contact Kathy Simpson at kathysimpson@ymcasl.org.

Restaurant Menu Labeling

You have likely noticed in the past several months that fast food franchises have started labeling their menus with caloric count and offering some healthy choices.  Pressure from grassroots organizations have provided the impetus for these changes. Our PHC Team has identified helping local restaurant owners that are interested in making this a priority.  We have grant funding available to help with assessing the calorie count, reprinting or updating menus and most importantly understanding providing healthy options for children.

Please take a short survey (10 questions) to help us understand our communities' interest in moving forward with this concept and how we can use our PHC funds to help restaurant owners with their costs to transition.

Click Here to take our survey:   PHC Local Restaurant Survey

Please visit us at our facebook page  www.facebook.com/PHCofGAGL

Resources for Healthy Meal Planning

The following list includes informative websites that provide healthy recipes and dining opportunities:

PHC Team:

  • Aimee Simpson, M.D., Co-Coach, Borgess ProMed Physicians
  • Kathy Simpson, Co-Coach, Sherman Lake YMCA

  • Jill Adamski, Gull Lake School Board President
  • Luke Austenfeld, Sherman Lake YMCA
  • Diahnn Austenfeld, Summit Pointe
  • Sarah Aviink, i'mbalanced wellness
  • Jane Bruns, R.D., Nutritionist
  • Kara Haas, Kellogg Bird Sanctuary
  • Joni Knapper, RN, BSN, Gull Lake School  District Nurse
  • Jeff Merasco, Galesburg/Augusta Schools
  • Tim Vagts, Galesburg/Augusta Schools Supt.
  • Guy Walter, United Healthcare Insurance



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