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Integrated Education
Parchment Middle School

Integrated Education Re-Launch with Amberly!

A very quiet January has finally finished, freeing friends from winter fatigue. Amberly Elementary stepped in and put us back to our wonderful work! They celebrated their 15th anniversary of coming out this year! A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the parents, students, and dedicated staff that believe in this character-building endeavor!
After an in-depth week of training with our staff, we were well-prepared to run our usual array of awesome activities. Not a single soul saw a lack of activity in our 4-day stay! From archery to climbing, all our visiting campers found many things to enjoy.
One of the biggest highlights was the Mineshaft, our underground slide. We put our campers on sleds and they normally descend at maybe 5-10mph. However, aided with the waves of recent snow, these campers were able go fast enough to break the sound barrier! Okay, slight exaggeration, but it was pretty quick!
Our augmented art project featured sugary supplies to build graham cracker houses. Campers unleashed their creative side. Just take a look at their creations below!
As for our evening activities, we were impressed with their willingness to learn and take away wise lessons from the Underground Railroad activity. Robin Nott was a hit per usual. He sang some goofy songs, told some wonderful stories, and was an all-around enjoyable presence. And dodgeball turned out very well! Thanks to our honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility, all campers seemed to have a great time!
The pool was lots of fun, too! Our new Aquaclimb continues to be extremely entertaining even if you’re only watching!
And who could forget the unforgettable skit from the teachers? It’s a staple we’ve come to love! They told a story that was at the same time hilarious and profound. We’ll all think twice about bragging in the future!
We made some great friends that we already miss! Can’t wait to see to see you all this summer!

Si and the Sherman Lakers